Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learning about the Basque Country

We had a wonderful lesson about the Basque country in Spain with Mikel.
He was so interesting, and he had lots of interesting slides to show us.
 We saw the red green and white flag.
 We saw the Basque country on a map.  It is shaped like a heart and is situated in the north of Spain and in the south of France.
 The country looks beautiful, with lots of gorgeous scenery.
 Mikel is from a town called Onati (he had to help us pronounce it).
 Mikel's town looks so pretty with all the pink roofs on the houses.
We would love to try the dancing.  It looks so much fun! 
 Lots of sea food and delicious nibbles. Yummy!
We saw lots of unusual sports.  Most of us would like to try lifting stones or chopping wood the best.
Mikel likes handball.
Thanks so much Mikel.  Your lesson was so interesting.
We would all love to visit the Basque country!

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