Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Learning about Poland

Today we had a wonderful talk about Poland from Zbigniew and Malgorzata.
We learned lots of things about Poland.
It sounds like a nice country to live in.
We were thrilled when we all got to try some Polish chocolate and Polish juice.
They were delicious.
We have a new student in our class.  She is from Poland too.
We have called her miś (which means Teddy Bear in Polish).
We learned how to say "Hello" "Goodbye" and "Thank you" in Polish.
We will work hard to try and remember these new words.
We found Poland on the map.  It is much much bigger than Ireland.
We saw the crest of Poland.  It is an Eagle with a crown.  This eagle is on Polish money too.

We liked looking at animals and birds of Poland

and we especially liked hearing "Happy Birthday" being sung in Polish.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful talk today!


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