Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Old toys and toys from Japan

We have been talking about the toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with when they were young.  Some of the toys are ones we use now but some are a bit different.
Do you recognize these toys?
A battledore game
A bamboo water pistol
A kendama ball game
A spinning top
A spinning top that belonged to teacher's mammy when she was a little girl.
A daruma game:- you have to knock out the bottle ring without letting the daruma on top fall over.
A toy Ninja star.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rubbish and recycling

This week we were discussing recycling in Geography. It is very important that we re-use and re-cycle. We found out what the recycling sign looks like on packaging and materials. We know all the objects that can be recycled in our homes and at school. Card, bottles, clean plastic, clean newspapers, glass jars, clean cartons. There are lots of things we can recycle. All card, paper and plastic are placed in green bins. Jars, bottles, tins and glass can be brought to the glass bank. We went to visit our local bottle and clothes bank near the Kingfisher and we placed our jars in the clear glass bins. We now will try to recycle as much as we can at home and at school.

Our history line

This week we were discussing how much we have grown as part of our History lesson. We all brought in objects from when we were a baby. We brought in babygros, bibs, bottles, nappies, booties, jerseys, hats and toys. We hung them all on our time line. We couldn't believe how much we have grown. We held up some of the clothes to our bodies and there is no way they would fit us now. We are changing and growing all the time.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Visit to the bottle bank

We are talking about recycling.
We went to visit the bottle bank today.
We saw where to recycle clear glass, green glass and brown glass.
We also saw where to recycle clothes, blankets and shoes.
We even helped a man to recycle all his bottles.
We are going to be careful to recycle all our rubbish.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visit from a Montessori teacher

We had a visit from a Montessori teacher today.
Theresa came to tell us all about what children learn during their day in a playschool.
She showed us some of the books she uses every day.
Theresa says that she uses science with her students every day at work, especially when they are using sand and water, or when they are looking at or growing plants.
We really enjoyed guessing songs that Theresa played for us.
She praised our listening skills.  We really are good listeners.
Theresa told us all about how preschool children look after themselves and keep their hands nice and tidy.
They learn how to share and take turns at school.
We all got to take a turn with the tunnel that Theresa brought us in today.
We loved the story of Chicken Little that Theresa read, and were thrilled when she gave each of us a lovely pencil and rubber.
Thank you Theresa for such a wonderful talk today.