Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Posting a parcel to Israel

We took a walk to the post office today to post our parcel to Israel.
Teacher had already bought the stamp yesterday so we wouldn't have to wait too long in the post office.
  On our way we saw pine cones in some trees and magpies in other trees.
 We were very careful crossing the road.
As we crossed the road we said our poem:
Stop, look and listen
Before you cross the street
Use your eyes, use your ears, and then use your feet!
Oops, the letter box outside the post office was too small for the parcel,
but the lady at the post office desk took our package and will give it to the postman this afternoon.
Then our toy will be on its way to Israel!
On our way back to school we looked at all sorts of different houses:
bungalows, two story houses, one three story house, semi-detached houses and detached houses.
Can you name the ones we took pictures of?
Click on this picture to see our friends in Israel!

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