Monday, December 12, 2016

Sneezes and Germs

We were learning about sneezes and germs today.
We know that we should use the inside of our elbows if we feel a sneeze or a cough coming.
We know that a sneeze can travel as fast as a car on the motorway.
We watched some great Tigtag videos on this and we tried it out with a balloon and pretend germs (glitter and cornflour).
What a mess!
We will try to catch our sneezes in future!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Learning about Romania

We had an absolutely wonderful talk today from Andreea who came to tell us all about Romania.
We learned all sorts of interesting facts about Romania, about the country, the flag, the population, customs, festivals and foods.
We especially enjoyed trying the Easter egg challenge and tasting pretzels.
Teacher learned lots too!!
Thank you so much  Andreaa.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Learning about Poland, the Lebanon and Portugal

We had two wonderful speakers in to visit our class today to tell us all about their countries.
We had a mum who told us all about Poland, about the country itself and about festivals in Poland.
Marzena also taught us a few words in Polish.
She has spent a lot of time in the Lebanon and so was able to tell us about life in the Lebanon.
We were surprised to hear that it snows there!
Ana told us about some of the Christmas customs in Portugal.  She even baked us a bolo roi cake which they eat on January 6th in honour of the three kings who visited the baby Jesus in the crib.
It is so interesting to hear about life in other countries.
Thank you so much to Marzena and Ana for your great presentations today.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Road Safety Lesson

We had a visit from the road safety authority (RSA). 
They helped us learn how to stay safe on our roads.
If we are walking we will stay on the paths, watch out for cars and bicycles and wear high viz vests if we can.
If we are on our bicycles or on scooters we will always wear a helmet, and also wear a safety high viz vest if we can.
When we are travelling in the car we will remember three things starting with a B:
Belt (we will wear our seat belts)
Booster (we will use a booster seat until we are 150cm tall and also 36kg in weight)..that's the law in the EU!
Back seat (We will ride in the back seat of the car while we are still not adult sized, because we could be hurt if the airbag came on in a crash).
Thank you for helping keep us safe on the roads.
We were each delighted to receive a safety licence!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New president for the USA

Mr. Donald Trump became the new president of the USA today.
We had a chat about the current and ex-presidents of USA and Ireland.
What a historical day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Visit from a Quality Engineer

We had a mum in our class today who is both an engineer and a scientist.
Norahella works as a Quality Engineer in Medtronic.
She helped us understand what it really means to be a scientist.
The most important words for scientists are WHY?  HOW? and WHAT?
Norahella helped us to work scientifically...
How? ......  with M & Ms!
First of all we had to ask some scientific questions about the bag of M & Ms.
We wondered how many M & Ms are in a bag and whether each bag contains the same number of each colour?
Next we had to form a hypothesis (a guess).
We had to guess how many M & Ms are in a bag?
Some of us had a guess, then we were told the correct answer.
Next we had to guess which colour had the most number M & Ms and which colour had the least number.
Again we heard the correct answer.
Lastly we were given some very interesting (and delicious) homework:
We were each given a mini bag of M & Ms and we have to count how many of each colour there are, and how many M & Ms there are altogether.
Norahella will collect all this data and present it back to us scientifically.
We can't wait.
Of course, now we ALL want to have a job that uses Science and Maths every day!
Norahella came back to us with the results of the M  & M challenge....most reds, least greens, 422 sweets consumed!  Lots of scientific questions!
We also watched the way the colours ran from the sweets.
The colours were absorbed by the water at different rates.