Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Learning about Germany in Senior infants

Tanya came to visit our class today to tell us all about Germany.  We had a wonderful time learning all about Germany.
We saw where Germany is on a map.  We saw the German flag (can you guess from this teddy what colours are in the German flag?)  We heard about castles, schools, cities, apartments and houses, and we were fascinated to hear that children in Germany don't start school until they are 6 years old (some of us wouldn't even be in school yet if we lived in Germany!)  Those of us at school would have no uniform!!
We heard about Christmas and Halloween in Germany, and we even learned some German words.  The words we heard were quite long compared with words in English.  We think speaking German would be rather difficult, but after hearing all about Germany we would love to go there.
We are very much looking forward to visiting Germany some time in the future.  It sounds like a lovely place in which to live or visit.  Thank you so much Tanya for telling us all about your wonderful country!