Monday, March 10, 2014

Litter picking

We picked up lots of litter from around our classroom.
It is amazing what some people throw away:- a brush, a stapler, cups, crisp wrappers, chocolate bar wrappers and lots of tissues.
We will do our best to keep our school clean and litter free.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Keeping hands and teeth clean

We have been talking about keeping ourselves healthy.
We know lots about keeping our hands clean.
Play this game below to show how much you know about clean hands.

We have also been learning about looking after our teeth.
Here's a fun story we saw.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Owl's trip to the post office

We have a surprise parcel ready to send to Israel.
Look at what we put in it!
We have sent badges, flags which we made ourselves, letters, an Irish flag, an Irish banner, tattoos and shamrocks.
We hope our friends in Israel like them!

We were especially proud of Dane, who knew that we needed "3 fivers" change from the €20 we gave in at the Post Office. (Our package cost €5 to post).
When we got back from our trip to the Post Office and our spring walk, we discovered that Dino had written us a note.
Thank you Dino, what a lovely surprise!

Our new garden

Kay helps us with our school garden.
She popped in to visit us this morning and to tell us of her plans for the new school garden.
There will be raised beds for each class (we can't wait!) and we will grow our own vegetables, flowers and plants.
We were joking that Kay must be a little potty because of all the pots she uses when she is gardening.
Later today Grandad John came to visit us.
Every year he brings us some lovely plants and some lively worms (for our wormery)
He also told us about when he was a boy.
We loved hearing about how John managed with no electricity but we were really surprised to hear that he had no toilet in his farm house when he was young, and he had to run behind the bushes and use grass instead of a proper toilet and toilet paper.  Yuck, we are glad that things have changed a lot!
We will look after the black current bush and the Curly Kale cabbages,
the primulas, onions, strawberries, the woodbine and the nice green plants with the big leaves.
We can't wait to see them all grow bigger between now and the summer holidays.

Trip to the dentist

 Today is a Visit to the Dentist Day for someone in our class.
We had a great chat about keeping our teeth clean and healthy, and teacher read us this interesting story:
We can't wait to hear all about the visit tomorrow.
In the meantime, try out this great tooth story: