Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning about different countries: Second class

We learned all about Australia and China. We found out what life is like for everyone living in these countries. When we are going to school, children in Australia are in bed. It takes 24 hours to get to Australia. We wrote facts about Australia and painted some Australian animals. This year is the year of the rabbit in China. Chinese New Year was in February. We learned that the Great Wall of China is the only thing that can be seen from outer space. Chinese people love to eat rice and drink tea. We made lovely Chinese Dragons for the Chinese New Year and looked at some Chinese writing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Transport now and then - Junior Infants

It was not always that easy to travel to places. 
We know that people didnt always have cars and airplanes to get around.  Journeys took much longer and they were not very comfortable.

We learned the name of this funny looking bike.

We compared this picture of one of the first cars ever made to the cars we have today. 
We noticed some very interesting comparisons. 

Ask us who these two brothers are.
They invented something very important. Ask us and we will tell you what it is. 

Here is a  hint

The Vin Fiz