Sunday, November 28, 2010

A day in the life of a Ugandan child: Senior Infants

The children performed a short show about Uganda last week.They were excellent -singing in English and Runyankole and dancing Ugandan dances! They showed how children in rural Uganda like the same games as us - hopskotch,football and playing with dolls and how they have to do lots more chores than we do - fetching water and firewood,minding goats and sweeping up at home and in school.We will send pictures of our play to our link school Nyabbani Primary School in Kamwenge,Uganda. Thanks to the parents who kindly lent us the beautiful,colourful fabrics -they brightened up the stage!

More pictures of the Ugandan show: Senior Infants

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Living in Uganda: Senior infants

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Ms. Tierney invited us to the halla to see her class production of "A day in the life of a Ugandan child".  It was a wonderful production, complete with Ugandan costumes, masks, footballs made from banana skins and dolls made from wood.  We saw how Ugandan children often have to fetch water and firewood for cooking before they come to school, we saw pictures and heard sounds of some of the animals that are in Uganda, we heard the school children speak and sing songs in 2 languages, and we heard some Ugandan songs and saw an African dance.  Well done to Ms. Tierney's class.  We especially loved the last song, and we learned lots about living in Uganda.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visit to the recycling bins: Senior Infants

Monday, November 22nd, 2010
We went for a short walk to see where the recycling bins are.  We found bins for clear glass, green glass, brown glass and old clothes beside the Kingfisher club near our school.  Teacher had 2 clear vinegar bottles.  We helped her recycle them in the correct bins.  When glass bottles are recycled they are made into new bottles.  This is much better for our planet than always making new ones.  We are going to try and recycle as many bottles as we can.

A day in the life of a child from Uganda: Senior Infants

We went to see Miss Tierney's Senior Infant class perform a play today in the halla. It was about a day in the life of a child from Uganda. It was very interesting. We saw how the children there begin the day with getting water from the well and collecting firewood to cook breakfast. The children then made their way to school and sang a lovely Good Morning song to the teacher. At break time the children had lots of fun playing together and they played with a ball made out of banana skins. We heard lions roaring and monkeys going wild. The children finished the play by singing and dancing to a lovely song about Africa. Well done to all the children in Miss Tierney's class. We really enjoyed your play.