Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A trip to the beach - Junior Infants




On Friday we enjoyed a lovely trip to the beach.  We noticed how the trees now have lovely green leaves and there are lots of flowers to smell. 

We had  fun with our shadows also.  We made lots of funny shapes.

Egypt with Senior Infants

We are learning all about ancient Egypt at present and we had a great discussion today about Tutankhamun. It was hard to believe that he became king (or pharoh) of all of Egypt at only 8 years of age, especially considering that most of us are 6 now!!! Teacher showed us a slideshow of some pictures she had of all the real artifacts that were found in his pyramid a long time ago. We also had a look inside a tomb and we got to prepare a mummy for burial in one of the activities!! We looked at our alphabet and compared it with  Egyptian hieroglyphics. We saw that the ancient Egyptians used pictures of objects, people and animals to write down their language. We also got a chance to crack an ancient Egyptian code (which we managed to do successfully!!). Please check out the top link called Egypt on Miss Flaherty's class page or the History & Geography page for some more wonderful activities about ancient Egypt.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our drawings of Sydney Opera House

Dinosaurs in Senior Infants

We have been learning about dinosaurs - the different kinds of dinosaurs and what they liked to eat and the fact that they are now extinct .The children made clay dinosaurs and did a great job.

Vikings in Senior Infants

We learned about Vikings recently - where they came from,the kind of ships they sailed,how they wrote.
We did freezeframes of different Viking activities -feasts,war,trading and farming.

Viking Runes in Senior Infants

We collected stones on the beach ,and the children painted them and did their own Viking runes on them!