Friday, February 27, 2015

All about Africa

Room 3 are learning lots about Africa.
Click on the picture below to learn more:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

African huts

 An African Hut
We are learning all about Africa at present. We made these huts as we saw some pictures of some African huts. Firstly, we painted a toilet roll yellow. Then we cut out a circle brown (for the roof).Teacher showed us a clever way of turning our circle into a cone. Lastly, we glued on the paper roof and covered it with straw. A big thank you to Conor's dad for bringing in the straw to us. We were also able to use it in our nativity crib. Erika's mum will be coming in to us tommorrow to tell us some more about Africa. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Working with Wally

We love when Wally and Dina come to visit our class.
We are learning how to make sure no one is left out when we play together.
Wally was great at asking to join in when he felt left out.
We really enjoy the role plays with Wally.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ms. Connolly's & Mr. Carleton's class explored our community

We went on walk last week to explore our community. Our community is called Renmore. We saw lots of interesting places, buildings and people. Check them out!
The Church-St. Oliver Plunkett.
The Hospital-Doctors and Nurses work here,
The Vet Clinic- if your pet is sick you can bring them here.
The Pharmacy. After you visit the Doctor, you can buy medicine here,
Duggan's shop. You can buy your groceries here.
Tangles Hairdresser. You can get your hair cut here.
The bus brings people from Renmore to town and around Galway.
We saw a builder driving a forklift. He is building this house,
McSully's Butcher, Meat is sold here.
Another Pharmacy.
The Florist. You can buy flowers here for your friends and family.
Lough Atáilia
Garrison Church Renmore
We saw the train tracks, The train brings people from Galway all over Ireland.
Renmore Barracks . We saw a soldier here.
Ballyloughane Beach
GAA clubhouse
The Kingfisher Club
Renmore Scout Den
We arrived back at school.

Dental Hygiene for 2nd Classes

We had a wonderful learning experience last week.
We thoroughly enjoyed learning all about how to look after our teeth.
There were four zones;
Zone 1: Function of Teeth
Zone 2: Sugar Detectives
Zone 3: Disclosing/brushing area (max of ten pupils at a time; to ensure each child is shown how to brush correctly).
Zone 4: Quiz
Thanks to Helen Murphy and Kate for such a wonderful workshop!