Sunday, January 22, 2012

Learning about the Water Cycle

 We had two visiting teachers in from Italy,Lara and Marcella,who did a lovely art lesson with the children on the water cycle.They showed them a cardboard montage of the cycle and then the children had to imagine the journey of a raindrop.Next they did raindrop pictures using oil colours and a printing technique.When they had done that,they got to pick out fabrics from a box and use them to make a rain collage.It was a lovely lesson!

Parcel from Uganda, Senior infants

We got a parcel from our Link school in Uganda.They sent us a lovely handmade pot and also their work on helping the environment.We did a lesson recently on the same theme and we had things like switching off lights and computers as our way of saving energy.The school in Nyabbani,Uganda doesn't have electricity so their list was different.They said things like "cut down fewer trees" .It was interesting.