Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Learning about Poland

In our class we have 5 children whose parents are from Poland.
Today Magda came to our class to tell us all about Poland.
We saw the Polish flag (white and red) and pictures of the dance costumes they wear in Poland.
These clothes look really special.
We saw pictures of delicious Polish food which the children assure us are really really tasty.
We also loved hearing about Christmas in Poland with the 12 dishes of food and 2 Santa visits!
We would all like to move to Poland!
Magda told us a great story of a Polish dragon.
We were fascinated by all the details in the story.
Here is a picture of a statue in Poland of that exact dragon.
We also learned how to say Hello, Goodbye, Happy Christmas and Thank you in Polish.
We even got to taste some Polish cookies made by some expert Polish bakers!
Thank you so much Magda for telling us all about Poland!

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