Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Junior Dina school

Meet Wally. Wally visits our class every Tuesday as part of the Junior Dina School Programme. Currently, in our school, all the Senior Infant classes are participating.Sometimes Dina (the Principal of Dina School!!!) also comes along to visit us. She helps to encourage us to try our best at all times and teaches us about some very important school and classroom rules. Sometimes Wally has a problem and we have to help him to solve it. We are learning so much and we love Dina School.We also use the Green Patrol. The Green Patrol is a great incentive for us to try our best. Each day, everyone starts out in the green, and if we try our best and are very good,we remain in the green and we then get a tick at the end of each day. When we get ten ticks we can pick a treasure from teacher's treasure box.We are always so excited when we get to pick our treasure. Then we begin all over again We have earned so many treasures thus far and teacher says that we are simply AMAZING!!. Last week Wally brought us some sweets, as a treat for being so good, and as a gift for Christmas. Thank you SO much Wally!! In Last week's lesson we learned all about concentrating. We know that it is very important to concentrate in school and teacher explained that good concentrating involves LISTENING FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND HAVING YOUR EYES ON YOUR WORK OR ON TEACHER. We also helped Wally to concentrate, as he was finding it difficult to do so initially, but now he is much better at it. Merry Christmas Wally and Dina and see you after Christmas!

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