Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Visit from Grandad Pa

Grandad Pa O'Connell came to visit our class today.
He gave us a marvelous talk about being a school boy in the 1950s.
Pa had some wonderful photographs with him so we could see what children wore back then.
We were surprised that all the little boys wore shorts, even in winter.
You could only wear long trousers after you made your confirmation.
We think that little boys must have been very cold!
Here is a picture of Pa on his confirmation day.
Pa showed us some of the games that he played when he was small.
We really liked the sound of the bottle top game and the marbles games he played, and we were surprised that Pa was allowed to play on the road (he explained that that was because there were so few cars then).
Pa was really good at sports when he was younger, and he was captain of his rugby and football teams.
He told us all about having to wash everyone's jerseys (without a washing machine or dryer) so that they would be clean and ready for the next match!
We think life back then sounds fun but quite troublesome....lots of good games but no electricity so no TV, WII or Nintendos!
Well done Pa, you were so interesting.  Thank you for your wonderful visit.
We will take your advice and try hard at school and at sports!

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