Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Barnaby Bear is off to Israel!

Dr. Anne Dolan from Mary Immaculate college in Limerick heard that we are learning all about Israel so she came to visit our class today.
She took Barnaby Bear with her.
Barnaby Bear is heading to Israel on Saturday.
Before he goes to Israel he came to our class to get some questions from us.
We want to learn lots about Israel so we made a list of questions and Barnaby will try and find the answers when he is in Israel.
Everyone in the class had a question for Barnaby.
Teacher had lots of questions.
We look forward to Barnaby Bear visiting us again when he had come home from Israel.
Our owl was delighted to meet someone that will be visiting his home country.
We proudly showed Anne our drama and she gave us some really useful drama tips.
Thank you so much for visiting us and helping us learn lots of interesting things!

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