Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Working in a hospital

We had a wonderful visit from a health care assistant working in the dialysis unit of our local hospital.
Helena explained all about how our kidneys work, how kidneys filter out toxins from our body and keep us very healthy.  We learned about how important it is for us to drink lots of water each day, and not to drink too many fizzy drinks. We learned how important it is for us to go to the toilet when we need to go, and how our urine (our wee) looks darker in the mornings when all the toxins are being flushed out of our bodies.
Helena showed us where are kidneys are in our bodies (but we couldn't feel them because our rib cages are protecting them).
 Helena showed us some of the instruments that doctors and nurses in the hospitals use. She also told us all about her uniform (which she has to leave in the hospital so it can stay extra clean).
 We also learned what happens when kidneys don't work too well. Helena works with patients whose kidneys don't work well at all.  These patients need to have kidney dialysis three times every week.  They need to spend about 4 hours hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine.  This machine filters out the toxins from their blood and keeps their blood clean from toxins.
We heard about how doctors and nurses are very nice and how a visit to a hospital can make us better. Helena works in the hospital and uses science every day in her work.
We really enjoyed Helena's visit.
Thank you so much for telling us all about your job in the hospital!

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