Monday, September 30, 2013

Seeing a sneeze

We have been talking about our bodies.
Today we were talking about our lungs, and about how sneezes can spread germs.
Teacher showed us a model of our lungs, made from a plastic bottle (ribs), a yellow balloon (lung), and a purple balloon (diaphram).  When you push the diaphram in and squeeze the ribs, the air in the lung is pushed out of our bodies, but when you pull the diaphram and let the ribs expand the air rushes in to fill your lung.
We were really looking forward to seeing a sneeze in action.
For this we needed a big balloon.
Teacher put some cornflour into the balloon, then blew up the balloon.
We burst the balloon with a pin, and the cornflour went EVERYWHERE!!!
This is what happens when we sneeze without covering our mouth.
From now on we are going to sneeze into our elbows so as not to spread germs.
We will also be careful about washing our hands when we go to the toilet or pick our noses!

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