Friday, October 3, 2014


Ewa is a mammy in our class.
Today she came to tell us all about her busy jobs.
Ewa has 4 jobs and each one sounds really interesting.
Ewa uses lots of Maths and Science in her jobs every day.
 One of Ewa's jobs is a shopkeeper (we know that this is a siopadóir in Irish).
For this job Ewa has to wear the uniform we see here.  She likes this job because she can do lots of maths: adding, subtracting and counting.  Being a shopkeeper means you meet lots of interesting people every day.
The next job that Ewa has is chef.  In this job she uses lots of science and has to know all about heat, mixing, measuring.  It sounds like she makes delicious food every day.
Ewa is also a carer and really enjoys helping people who need help eating and dressing.  She especially likes chatting to older people.
The fourth job that Ewa does is a mammy.  This is a very important job and it is her favourite job of all.
Thank you Ewa for such an interesting talk today.

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