Thursday, December 13, 2012

Learning all about Poland

We saw a great presentation on Poland and learned about the flag (white and red), the symbol of Poland  (an eagle with a crown), the 4 distinct seasons in Poland (we especially loved to see all the gorgeous white powdery snow, we are so jealous!), and Christmas celebrations.
We were really surprised to hear that turkey is not the traditional Christmas food.  Instead in Poland the big Christmas meal is eaten on Christmas Eve and consists of 12 distinct dishes (in honour of the 12 apostles).   We really liked the look of the fish dish and the beatroot with dumpling soup!
The Christmas dishes are not eaten until you have seen the first star of Christmas Eve in the sky.  What a lovely custom!
Thanks so much to Lukasz, Kasia and Martin for such a wonderful presentation.
We would very much like to visit Poland if we ever get the chance!

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