Monday, September 24, 2012

Occupations: Doctor

We learned lots about our ears, how they have good helpful wax in them, how we need to use our skill of listening very carefully to all around us, and how we must NEVER put anything into our ears or up our noses.  We heard about grommets, and how kids who have trouble hearing sometimes get a little plastic tube put into their ears to help drain glue from behind the eardrum.  This helps us hear better (but only if we really need them!) Teacher had little plastic beads which look a little like grommets for those of us who have never seen grommets before.  
Mr. Keogh needs to wash his hands up to 40 times every day to keep all germs away, and he needs to scrub his hands so well before each operation.  We should all wash our hands after we have been to the toilet, or after we blow our noses or sneeze or cough into our hands, and before we eat.
We saw the light for looking into ears, and we saw what look like ice pop sticks for helping the doctor to look at our tonsils. We also saw what a stethoscope looks like, and how it is used.  We heard about what happens when our tonsils get sore, how they turn red and are sore when we swallow, and about how we would have to eat jelly and ice cream if we have an operation to get our tonsils removed.
This was such a great talk.  It was really interesting, and we had lots to contribute to the chat, because most of us have been to the doctor or optition before.  Thank you so much for such a great talk!

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